Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nippy, Windy & Reports

It was only in the 60s today here in Ellicott City/Columbia and the wind kicked up.  The wind is nothing like the winds that howl in Yuma.  I guess because there are trees and rolling hills around here.  Not as flat and open.  The sun was out and that was good of course.  So much for the weather report.

The Beast needs a good washing and even a wax after Newmar replaced the roof and three days of rain.  Hopefully that will happen before Saturday.  I got some scratches on the Beast from some trees in a Cracker Barrel last week.  They are light and a cleaner/wax will remove them.  The solar panels I will install next week – no rush what so ever.  So much for the Beast report.

We are now planning to be in Boulder, Colorado 12-14 June.  Then 7 days in Moab about 15-22 June. Then 23 June thru 7 July in Hatch, Utah for the Outdoor Adventure HOP with ATVs and 4X4s.  We might go back to Moab for some more ATVing.  I put this information out there for those few individuals that were trying to meet up with us for some good times.  So much for a travel report.

My weight has been floating around 202-205 lbs for the last two weeks. Well, I’m finally at 200 and plan to go to 195 in the next two weeks. The first 20 lbs came off fast and then I hit that wall where I couldn’t lose anything. I think it will be a slow process from this point on. I’m working in 5 lb goals now because that is more obtainable. Time is immaterial. It’s the weight goals now. Long term is to be at 180 lbs and then stay between 180 & 185 lbs. What’s long term you ask? About within 4 months for me. I’ve been asked what kind of diet am I on. I guess it’s a diet of sort but it’s mine. I eat beans of all sorts with about 10 different spices or so. I sometimes have them for breakfast and/or lunch. No special regiment. I eat an apple an hour or so before a meal and when I get the munchies. I drink a glass of ice water before a meal and an additional 3-4 during the day/evening. No sodas of any kind. My portions are about half of what they use to be and they were large. I try to stay away from diary products. Eggs I just eat the whites with a lot of spices again. I don’t use salt, butter or sugar. I snack on almonds or sunflower seeds every few days. I just started taking Green Bean Extract pills (2X500 mg) a day. I drink a few beers about 2 times a week. I’m probably around 1,500 maybe 2,000 calories a day with a lot of fiber. Yes I take a vitamin supplement. So much for the weight report.

So much for today…

See ya………