Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blogs & Solar Panels

Wow, the few blogs that I read were all up to date today.  That’s rare and thank you all.  I would suggest putting the price of the campgrounds you stay at.  I think a lot of us readers are curious about that.  What a nice way to start this early morning of mine.  Thank you all, Nick, Sharon, Larry, Greg, & Ken/Jan (no special order).

This is Carol’s other brother David and his son.  That’s a very real smile.  He got to drive the Razor around the back yard.DSC_0009 

I got my solar panels out for cleaning and preping for the install on the roof.  I set everything up as if it was on the roof.  I have to make sure they are screwed into the cross members that are 16 inches apart.  DSC_0004

This was my work table where I had to clean the brackets.DSC_0002

This is Steven, Carol’s bro, helping me.DSC_0006

I didn’t install the panels due to the expected rain for the next 3 days.

We had a pretty big relative gathering that evening for Mother’s Day.  Not counting the guys, we had 5 Mothers and 3rd generation of them.

The guys talked about engines and then camping between now and early June.  The gals talked about ???????

See ya……………