Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where’s The Beast?

We thought we would get the Beast back today (Thur)but didn’t.  We are really bored.  I did get a haircut downtown Nappanee.  It’s one of those original barbershops that’s been there for years.  Then Carol and I went into a neat little antique shop downtown.  Ok it’s now lunch time and we ended up at Taco Bell.  We are gonna die with all this excitement.  We went back to Newmar to check on the Razor.  Yep, still there.  I took it out for a little ride and turned a few heads.  We sat in the customer lounge for a couple of hours doing much of nothing. 

Oh, hot off the press.  Newmar will no loner make fifth wheels after this year.  They said it wasn’t cost effective.  They will make only motor homes.  They are also making 40 foot motorhomes with a tag axle on freightliner chassis.  I think putting a tag on a 40 footer is a very smart thing to do.  Now if more people could only afford them. 

We went to Arby’s for diner.  This is way too much excitement for us.  We then drove around the back country.  We saw a lot of Amish families riding around in their various types of carriages.  I’m very uncomfortable taking pictures of the Amish.  They really don’t like it.  Here’s a carriage at a bank. I think it’s an upper model.DSC_0020

Back at the room the cat is looking for ways to get out.DSC_0021

We watched American Idol and was not surprised when Hollie was booted off.  It’s one of our favorite shows.  We’re hooked.

That’s another day in a full timer’s life style while their RV is getting worked on.

See ya………..