Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RVer Friends Of 40 Years

We actually had some things to do today.  Carol & I went into Ellicott City to get some electrical permits for her brother.  Then we drove around Ellicott City, Woodlawn and Catonsville.  These are places that we use to be around over 40 years ago.  Memories…people say they are great.  They are also a reminder that you are getting older.

Later in the day I helped (watched) Carol’s bro change the oil in one of his vehicles.  Yep, he did a fine job.  Then I grilled steaks for everybody for a nice little diner.

We had some “old” friends, Butch & Kathy (RVers), of about 40 years come over and visit us in the evening.  Damn, they’re getting old too!  We tried to figure out what years we all did what.  I’m sure the Red Dog beer helped a little.   They said I had a little bit of a Texas accent.  You know what that means?  We stayed too long in Texas. 

Butch & Kathy are getting ready to retire and are undecided what to do if anything.  I think a lot of us have been there where we say, “Now what?”.   Some stay in their same routine and enjoy a laid back type atmosphere.  Some of us take to the roads like we did 12 years ago.  Both ways are great and to each to their own of course.  We really enjoy the adventure of the unknown and unusual of traveling around the country.  We are professional tourists.  We are living our dream and enjoy it a lot.

See ya…..