Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Breakfast? & Roof Off

The motel feeds us breakfast.  Or at least they set it out and you pick what you want.  They call it a contential breakfast.  I call it cold and on the cheap.  Hey, it’s included in the price of the room that we aren’t paying for so it’s basically free. I guess we are paying for it sense we are upgrading from Newmar’s Brite-Tek (rubber) roof to a one piece fiberglass roof.  It’s costing us a pretty penny and our don’t shine no more.  We ran out of them as a matter of fact. 

According to stats we are now normal because we are charging it on a credit card and don’t expect to pay it off any time soon.  Well, about time we became normal.  I was really worried for the past six decades – NOT!  We have never bought/sold anything based on the economy.  Homes, cars, boats, RV’s it just didn’t matter to us.  Over the 40 plus years of marriage we’ve been a lot more up than down.  Twice if it didn’t fit in our car, we didn’t own it nor had a home.  The last time was in 1976 if you were wondering. We were homeless before it became a national concern.  We took care of ourselves.  Never went a week without some kind of job. At least until we retired, retired!

Back to the present.  The motel put us on the second floor because we have an animal (cat).  That don’t make sense especially if you have a dog.  Seems like they would want you near the outside door and on the first floor to avoid the morning accidents while en route to the outside.  It don’t pass the common sense test.

Our Newmar tech called this morning and asked for us to come over and see our RV without the roof.  Here it is.  The light is on the front.DSC_0001


Where the bathroom skylight was.DSC_0002


Here’s the fiberglass ceiling ready that will be going on the roof.  They man handle it up and on. That is very heavy work.  No machines they said.DSC_0003


There’s a team of five including the one that is working on the roof.  The rest must be supervisors. DSC_0004 DSC_0005

I was told that the Beast will go to the paint department tomorrow and we might get it back Thursday vice Friday.  I told them that there was no rush what so ever.

We then decided to drive up to Elkhart to check out the RV surplus stores.   We drove thru the Monaco Hq on the way.  It was Hq years ago then shut down due to bankruptcy.  Navistar bought them and now has reopened the plant and Hq. DSC_0006 DSC_0007


This is the company I worked for transporting various types of RVs for 3 threes. They’re just about a block away.  We transported Forrest River, Monaco, Thor and Newmar mostly. DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Then we arrived in…. DSC_0013


Another manufacture Hq …DSC_0010 



These two places are within two blocks of each other in Elkhart. This one was closed and is having an auction and are moving.  It’s the bigger place that had a lot of left over “stuff” and odd ball things from manufactures.DSC_0014

This place has a lot of “stuff” but new.  Very big selection of real good stuff.DSC_0015

We then went to Goshen to one of my favorite eateries there.  A BLT that is hard to believe especially for $5.50 and with fries. DSC_0017 DSC_0016

I could only eat half of it because my cholesterol was going off the chart.  Once a year, what the hell!

We drove by the fairgrounds in Goshen which is a real popular place for RV rallies.  They were having a Holiday Rambler motorhome  (FMCA) rally.  It was pretty big. 

We returned to Nappanee for a quiet night in the hotel.