Friday, June 1, 2012

June Is Finally Here

It just seems like it took a long time for June to arrive.  Maybe because we sat most of April & May.  We are back moving on the road.  We had a stop in Fredericksburg and now a weekend in Front Royal with Carol’s Bro’s.  They are always fun to be with.

We headed out to this little cafe in town (Front
Royal) for breakfast that we went to years ago.  Not much changes in these towns. DSC_0003

I think this was $4 or 5 bucks.  The sausage was real good.DSC_0001


Then it was on to Radio Shack to get some ideas to wire up the CB for the Razor.  I think I will wire it to the back of the accessory plug if I can’t get a plug to fit.DSC_0006They had the plug I wanted for $8 bucks. Good to go for the CB

About 6:15 the skies opened up with buckets of water for about a half hour.DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Maybe you can see a stream of water coming off our slide topper just to the right of center.  It’s white.  That was constant.DSC_0009

You know when Carol’s bro arrive don’t you?.  Yep, right of the height of the storm.  We all got wet parking into their sites.

We finished and then about 10 minutes later it cleared up of course.DSC_0013 

See ya……………