Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Elks at Denver

We left the rest area and went about 15 miles to a Flying J to eat at the Denny’s and wait for the traffic to die down.  I just park in with the trucks as you can probably see.  During the day the truckers don’t care because there are plenty of spots.DSC_0001

I had the $2 biscuit/gravy and taters.  Carol had her waffle with strawberries/etc. with hot tea.  The bill was $10 and we were full.  We drove another 25 miles and ended up at the Westminster Elks in Denver.  DSC_0009

The full hook ups were taken so we got a 30 AMP electric only site.  the cost was $12 a night.  We filled up with water before parking.  the spaces on either side of us are not used due to no electric.  The use them for rallies.  Having only 30 AMP in 90+ degree weather with no shade and on asphalt was a challenge.  The inside of the Beast got to about 82 degrees and maintained.  We had fans blowing so it really wasn’t bad.  Our EMS monitoring system said we stayed at 21 AMPS of usage the entire day running one AC.  Plus we did have to use the Autoformer due to low voltage.DSC_0024

Judy Hughes (AKA as the cat lady) told us about this Elks so we decided to try it.  We will probably stay for only two nights.  We are just not city folks.  We will go do some tourist stuff tomorrow.  Judy came over later and we had fun sharing stories.  Judy is Cajun…all the way.

Oh yea.  Bob and Molly  sold their Tiffin and got a Monaco Windsor.  They are very very happy………

See ya.