Thursday, June 21, 2012

Piece & Quiet – Really….Peaceful

We went a whopping 75 miles this morning to a little county park near Thistle/Provo.  It’s called Spanish River County Park.  It’s no hookups, $15, water/restrooms available, cement patios, asphalt pads, large tables, fire pit on the river/creek.  We will stay here until Saturday and leave accordingly.

I backed the Beast into the campsite.  I’ve only backed this thing once or twice.  Carol does the backing as most of you know.  This time I had a trailer/Razor on the back.  Never backed a motorhome with a trailer.  Nice and VERY slow, watched the back camera and made a lot of turns as you can see.DSC_0009-001

I didn’t have to pull forward at all.  Not to shabby if I say so myself.DSC_0010-001

We even got a swing….DSC_0019-001

and a little stream behind us.  That’s us in the upper left with the ladder.DSC_0012-001

The park is empty and quiet.DSC_0011-001

We’re to close to a big tree for sat TV, no Verizon cell phone, no internet (MiFi).  Wow, just like about 10-12 years ago when we started full timing.

The solar panels are cranking out some juice and we really don’t need it.  The inverter is turned off most of the time.

The cat is really enjoying herself.DSC_0013-001 DSC_0015-001

We will go down the hill to send this out and check our phone messages/emails.

See ya……….