Monday, June 11, 2012

RV traveling in Kansas

We got on the road about 9 AM and have about 180 miles to go.  Along the way…..DSC_0003

One of Carol’s favorite stores…really.DSC_0006

Two of my navigation systems.DSC_0008


My third and grand po paw of all devices….it’s very complicated…DSC_0009


Not many of these around like there were years ago.DSC_0011

DSC_0023DSC_0019   DSC_0025

SAPP Brothers have been around for years..DSC_0027


I thought this was a good place to stop for lunch.DSC_0029


Carol thought this was better.DSC_0030


Where the buffalo roam? Yes, behind fences…DSC_0033


It’s a PA park and was $15.90 w/tax for a FHU w/50  AMPDSC_0042

Are we in the farmers field or what.DSC_0039


Here’s out our front window… DSC_0040


This is the biggest (skeletal) cat that I’ve ever seen.  His name is Tony.  He’s firm with very little fat.  He loved to be held and petted.DSC_0048 


Near sunset..  DSC_0006-001


I think these are fire clouds probably from the Ft Collins, CO fireDSC_0007-001DSC_0002-001 See ya……….