Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can You Say Orange


Here we are in Salt Lake City at a very nice campground…..Larry Miller Jeep parking lot.

Just a few days ago we had no clue that we would be in Salt Lake City today – none what so ever.  It must be the friggin heat.  Can you say over a hundred and it will be in our schedule for awhile.  But not here in Salt Lake City.  It’s nice.  Tomorrow I will have to were long pants.

Yesterday I said we were coming here and my hint as to why was ORANGE.  Well, here it is…….DSC_0017

I took this picture about 10 PM.  It was a pretty busy day.

Yepper…….what can I say……I worked dealers in three states.  The Jeep dealer here made the deal within 3 hours after first contact yesterday.  Others farted around for a couple of days and didn’t come close to this one’s deal except one other in Vegas.  I had some red flags with one in Vegas.  I lost $800 plus the towing set up for the truck when all the dust settled.  The Jeep cost was more than $1,000 ($25K) off the window sticker price plus the dealer paid all taxes & fees.  I got 1.99% interest with Navy Federal Credit Union.  Some might might wonder why I gave out so much information on this blog.  I just don’t care if people know and it might even help some.  It’s not bragging it’s just the facts.   

Why did we trade in the truck after owning it for only a few months?  It just wasn’t working out for various reasons.  Too many to go into here.  Besides – the truck wasn’t orange. 

We are at the age that if we don’t like something and can change it – we do.  If we can’t change it – we can’t change it and deal with it.  It’s pretty simple at this age for us.

Now we have to figure on how to get the Razor to Hatch, UT for the HOP from here.  Then down to Congress, AZ to drop it off and then return to Moab, UT to meet Denny/Susie, Ed/Sandy and maybe the Dudley's.  We have jello plans.  Plus a few other things in between like tags, a base plate and wiring (tow) for the Orange Crush Jeep.  I think I might be needing Denny & Ed’s help real soon.DSC_0018

We bought a Lowe’s 5 X 8 trailer and are within about 500 lbs of being max on the trailer gross weight of 2K pounds.  That’s fine.  We didn’t want to tow the trailer behind the Jeep being all so knew.  We a few adjustments I hooked it up to the Beast.

Well folks tomorrow we will head for Provo just down the road.  There’s a nice little county park down there and we might just spend two days there.

See ya….