Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Milestone Of RVing + Fuel Price Dropping

As of yesterday we’ve been full timing 12 years.  Wow, it don’t seem that long so we must be having a lot of fun.

We walked out of an office where we had our house settlement in Fredericksburg, VA and looked at our 5th wheel and basically wondered what the hell we had done.  That was June 5th 2000.  We then headed for our first trip to Alaska.  The first time we went up there we had the money but not enough time.  The second time in 2004 we had the time but not much money.  In 2009 we had a little of each.  Then our last trip was in 2011 and again we had a little more time and not a whole bunch of money. 

Our very first RV adventure was in 1971 when we got married.  I bought a van out of the junk yard that had a blown engine and missing a passenger door.  I fixed it up and we were gone on our honeymoon.  For money we used the money I got from selling my 70 Corvette.   I bought it when I returned from Nam.  We went across and back the U.S. boone docking all the way.  We didn’t really use many campgrounds.  They either had a bunch of kids in them or a bunch of old people in them (like us now).  We continued camping/RVing through out the next 30 years before full timing it.  We have camped in every state several times over except Hawaii.  Since full timing we have not returned to the Northeast.  No special reason.

We have a few 8mm movies and some yellow pictures and a lot of priceless memories of those years that have gone.  A lot of us do……

Diesel fuel has dropped about 10 cents a gallon in the last week.  This is significant but not enough yet I feel.  I really keep close track of fuel along our route.  We can go over 900 miles with no sweat.  This enables us to stretch our fuel to make it to cheaper areas like Missouri at the $3.40s.  Kansas isn’t too bad either at about the $3.50s.  Colorado and Utah diesel is running about $3.80 along our route.   I will probably fill up the truck and the Razor in some parts of Missouri at $3.09 for gas.  In some parts of California diesel has gone below $4 a gallon.  Considering it was near $4.50 a gallon there it’s getting better and starting to pick up the pace.  In January 2011 I paid $3.19 for diesel at a Circle K in Yuma.  Right now it’s $3.72 at the same place so it still has to GET DOWN MORE!

More pics around this campground…DSC_0001-001


Now if you are going to tent you might as well do it in style.  I bet the woman picked out this one.DSC_0002-001 DSC_0003-001

What’s wrong with this picture………..a set down lawn mower.  I don’t think it would be on my camping list!DSC_0004-001 DSC_0005


Sat in a case….DSC_0008


Tomorrow we leave for……….not sure.DSC_0009


See Ya…..