Thursday, June 28, 2012

And The Jeep’s Name Is

“The Jeep” 

We want to thank ALL of you for the suggestions.  We chose the easiest to remember at our age.

The other day the reason we turned around when we came across a big tree in our way is that we forgot the tow ropes.  We were in the Jeeps and the tow ropes were in the ATV side by sides.

Toady started off at 7 AM.  I was on a mission to get the Demco base plate installed.  I figured if I got stuck I had two more guys, Ed & Denny, to help and they did.

Here’s ALL the stuff I would like to get installed on “The Jeep” and that is the base plate and nerf bars (steps).DSCN0230

Here’s my tools and I’m at the ready.DSCN0231 DSCN0232

I got the front bumper and stuff off.  Well now what?  I needed some special tools that I didn’t have.DSCN0233

Here comes Ed out to help and Denny was soon to follow.DSCN0234 

Total of five hours later we finished.  Mission accomplished.  Why five hours?  We are slow but damn good!  Now Carol don’t have to drive all over the country.  Just hook it to the motorhome and go.DSCN0235

We only had a few parts left over.  The directions didn’t say anything about reinstalling this front under belly air dam and we didn’t want to mess with it at this time.  It needs major cutting to install.  Another day maybe.DSCN0236

Next was to get a 5 inch drop hitch and install it and a ball.  After doing that the trailer sets just a few inches up from being level.  Mission accomplished.DSCN0237

Then I bought a spare tire lock and installed it with Ed’s help.  Mission accomplished.

Ed/Sandy & Carol & I went of for a short run with the side by side ATV’s.  We got a little familiar with the local terrain and ready for tomorrow’s double trail ATV practice run.  Carol is getting ready for tomorrow.DSCN0238

Later that evening it was time to install the nerf bars.  Ed, Denny and I knocked this project out of the park.   They went on real easy.  I think we finished about 9:30 PM.   Mission accomplished. “The Jeep” is ready to roll now.  Thanks guys. Pictures another day.  Now I can double tow with the motor home in a couple of weeks.  The trailer and the Razor will stay here while we go up to Moab for a week or so later on.  Then return here and pick up the trailer and double tow south.

See ya.