Sunday, June 10, 2012


The weatherman person said that the winds where between 20-30 MPH here.  That was a big change since yesterday.  I believe it and the boaters did to.  Not many boaters on the water today.  Most have left this campground by 2 PM.  Checkout is 6 PM.  Nice checkout for the boaters.  This place is pretty dead during the week.

We didn’t go back to the ATV area to put the Razor in use.  Just too windy and NASCAR racing was on.

I talked to Ed about the Hatch HOP that we are scheduled to help him and Sandy at.  Everything is looking good. It now looks like after the HOP we will RETURN to Moab for a week.  Ed/Sandy, & Denny/Susie are going.  Fuel IS coming down in price and it is a Passport America park there.  So what the hell, our schedule has changed again – no bigeeeee.

Outside we put everything away due to the inbound storm.  The storm hit us about 2 AM and hit hard with heavy rain.  It was over in a half hour.  These storms are OK and especially at night when you expect them.  Hopefully it cleaned off the bird poo off the roof.

Monday we leave if all the storms have passed.  We got 200 miles to the next Passport America park.  If we don’t like it we keep on going.  In the book under the description of the park it said that dogs and husbands must be on a leash.  Carol already likes this one.

See ya.