Saturday, June 16, 2012

4.5 out of 5 – What’s that?

Well having kayaks in the past  I learned that rapids have ratings.  You know when it says it’s a trail in BLM  land I figured it’s just some old trail that off highway vehicles (OHV) could go on.  Well, wrong dragon breath.  True OHVs are permitted on the 10 mile “TRAIL” we decided to go on this morning in the Razor.  It’s called Finns and Things Trail.  We quickly learned that this was just not another so so trail.  Well, you could have fooled us because it was ahhhhh, just down right “OMG” trail.   Sharp turns, high drops off, steep rocks, some loose rocks and throw in some deep sand and that was our first mile. I thought we were being filmed for the Discovery Channel showing  people who do dumb things on rocks with their  vehicles.  Two hours later with no breaks we finished it. Well, we have now learned that off road trails in Moab have ratings too!. It turned out to be a 3.5 out of 4 rating. Number 4 being for the very experienced and most difficult. Been there done that and no need or desire to do it again.  Where are those number 1 rated and maybe number 2 rated trails?

No pictures.  We still don’t have a small camera and we won’t go back for pictures.  Camera should be in Monday’s mail.  I’m not sorry for not going back…. It wasn’t a bad experience it was an Adventure like Everyday!