Saturday, May 20, 2017

Juneau Last Day Sat 20 May

We are still prepping for our next adventure which will be 6 days of boon docking.  We’re not even sure where a couple of those nights will be.  We are landing at Skagway about 1 PM Sunday and then we will go over Dyea National Park for at least 1 night.  Monday (22nd) we’re off the grid probably until Saturday 27 May.  I will do a blog for each day and will publish them next Saturday.  Blah, blah…….

We went to Fred Meier for the last time here in  Juneau.  Bread, milk and meat.  We got fish from Texas with us.  It just ended up that way.  Plus we got snacks………

Oh yea.  Yesterday started with heavy showers then just went on to rain and heavy off and on all day/night.  Raincoat time it was.

Today, Saturday, same ole, same ole…. heavy rain sometimes just rain.  Shower rain are no more.

We got up and ate breakfast.  Then I noticed all around our overhead area was wet.  So that was first on the list to see what’s up with that.DSC_0002

So we took down the mattress that was pretty wet.DSC_0003

Talk about moving stuff around.  This is real far from looking normal.DSC_0004

It appears that condensation on the front window has been dripping on and in the mattress.

We got stuff airing out and went onto the laundry.  How many people can say while they were doing their laundry a bear came by the building.  DSC_0014He was dumpster diving.  He flipped that lid over like it was paper.DSC_0011

“You looking at me!”DSC_0008

Here’s a worker in the laundry shooing him away.  He wasn’t a baby bear either as you can tell.  He looked like he went to a lot of pot lucks (dumpsters). DSC_0012

While this was going an Eagle was swooping around us.  Pictures were hard to take with him flying around us.DSC_0017

Then we had a squawking raven making fun of us.  Damn their a big bird.DSC_0019

Carol got the laundry done.  She said it was about $25 for four loads.

I went to the self wash RV bay but it had about 3-4 inches of water in the bay itself.  I didn’t have my boots on so it didn’t get done. No bears.

We then went to Fred Meyer’s for food items and refilled our inventory.  Only the necessities like s'mores, etc.  No bears.

Then it was to the harbor master to get our tickets for early ferry departure tomorrow morning.  No problem.  No bears.

Back to our site it was.  It wasn’t raining until about an hour later and it cut loose again.  The park had a sign up that there was a bear in the area.

We’re drying out the mattress and area.  No wood soft spots or even water marks.  Since it’s raining we’re watching for any little trickles.  None so far.  I think maybe the condensation on the covered window might have been the cause.  The window has no drainage for the condensation.  Plus one small piece of window frame is wet.  When I get it dry I’ll put a little silicone sealer on it.  I guess we will keep the curtains open and keep a fan on it when possible also.

So we are in the process of relocation items that were in the overhead area to the rear of the camper underneath.  I try to keep the heavy things centered or to the driver side for balance.