Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wrangell Sunday May 7

It was a very quiet night and peaceful last night. 

We had sausage & eggs for breakfast.  We took the time to cook because we had no where to be or see until Tuesday’s ferry.

Then we went for a walk up the hill.  Looking down…. there is room for one vehicle up this road.  The pic made it look bigger.DSC_0004


We kept an eye on our cat that we let loose.DSC_0015

She just wanted to eat grass.DSC_0017

We got to see a boat that was being pulled by another boat.  Friend rescuing a friend?DSC_0021 - Copy….DSC_0019

This was 300 mm zoom.  I do have a 500mm stored away.  I call it the whale, it’s a bigee.

Carol was line dancing….DSC_0023

We have no hook ups except what we brought, a small solar system (3-100 watt panels, 500 watt controller, 1,500 watt inverter, two batteries) and a stock generator (4K gas).  We watched a movie later on.  We plugged the TV into the inverter directly and the CD thing was in the TV.  No problems.  It was a 100% cloud covered day with drizzles all the time.  The solar panels were creating enough solar power to run the few things we got and a little extra.

Going into the batteries…..amps…DSC_0011

Batteries maintaining…..volts,,, niceDSC_0012

So that was a surprise that the panels were soaking up the light enough to charge the batteries, slow but charging enough for us.

We ran our portable LP heater most of the day on lower than low.  I made a position on the knob where I can adjust the flame to just above the pilot light, low and lower I call it.  It maintains us at 72 degrees or so inside.  If it gets higher we turn it off for an hour or so.  At bedtime it goes off.  I’m the one who gets up in the morning and turns it on and on high till it gets about 65 degrees or so.

Our ducks are still riding with us…DSC_0001-001

For those early Loosey Goosey 2017 people that are up North by then, don’t forget Laird Hot Springs for Mark’s 60th birthday on Friday 26 May.  He volunteered to be the host.  No action required by him except to provide a space to meet at his rig and BYO everything.  If you make it…you make it.  Loosey Goosey.

Retirement is getting that damn clock to slow down a little.

See ya when we see ya..