Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Juneau Mendenhall Wed May 17

Same site for us….DSC_0001

Today was go and find the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center and we did.  Just follow the tour buses.DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0006DSC_0008

In the visitor center itself it was a mad house.  A lot of rudeness too.  I don’t like these tourist mad houses at all.  There must have been over 10 tour buses.  No thanks.  We can see the glacier and lake from our campground!DSC_0007

From their we went and rode around town where we were the only tourist.  We went into a so called mall.  It was half full of stores.  The other half was for lease of course. 

I went into a Sportman’s Store.  It’s like a Cabela’s.  They had a pretty nice hoodie medium jacket for $70.  Wait, it’s been reduced and reduced and reduced again to $21.  I bought it!  It was probably worth $30 or so.  What the hell.

We were hungry and guess who else was there.  Papa John’s Pizza.  We thought about it and said yes.  We got two medium for $20 and went back to our camper.  We had pizza for lunch, dinner and snack.  It was really good.  We watched Godfather II.  Then the night before we watched Godfather I.  Tomorrow night we will watch Godfather III. 

Oh yea.  We also got a 6 pack of Alaskan Beer – Big Mountain Pale Ale.  We drank a half of one and poured it out.  It sucked.  Mark now has a 5 pack for his birthday.

People have asked about our heating system.  Here’s a picture of it but we do not run it where it sets of course.  You can see the LP connection next to the bottom drawer.  It uses no electricity of course and the usage of LP is small.  Yes, it’s big and keeps us very warm in use.  It’s off during sleep time.DSC_0009

It gets daylight about 3:30 AM or so.  It get’s dark about 10 PM or so.  It’s kinda easy for us to get use to it being this is our 6th trip up here.

The rest of the day we rested.  We've done a lot of walking the last couple of days and my hips have said, “no more.”

We decided tomorrow will be another rest day for us (me).  That’s what Nurse Crachett decided.

Hey Butch and Kathy, Ed & Sandy said they can meet you in Great Falls like 2014 on the 30th.  “Get your motor running”. Isn’t their a song with that?

Retirement is feeling older too!

See ya when we see ya……