Thursday, May 11, 2017

Petersburg Thursday Move It… May 11

I got up about 7:30 AM.  It was 43 degrees outside and 51 inside.  I turned on the portable LP heater and got things warmed up.  DSC_0003-001

Our voltage was 12.4 which is OK.  The sun was out with a clear sky at the moment but not helping our solar charge due to the trees. 

Carol got up a little later and fixed us a nice egg/sausage/cheese breakfast.  This beats going into Petersburg 20 miles and paying $16 for this and a $2.50 cup of coffee.  It is expensive.DSC_0002-001

This was pretty too….DSC_0009-001

I figured it was time to break the Honda motorcycle off its perch and let it fly. DSC_0013-001 Well, after about 20-25 minutes of kicking the starter, it started.  Whew, that was a lot.  It got warmed up and out I went as dressed, no gloves, did have a sea cap, no helmet and face shield, just went.  I went south on Metkof Rd another 4.5 miles at 30 mph to Sumner Strait Campground.   It too was free and I liked it.

Went back and told Carol.  She said lets go and we did.  Our new site…..DSC_0019-001

At our site on the Wrangell Strait…DSC_0014-001

Over our roof….DSC_0043-001


Saw several eagles……here’s one.DSC_0020-001

Saw a sea otter but he wouldn’t get close enough for a good picture.

Low tide now ……water comes up to about two feet from them logs.  I would estimate a height of 9-10 feet of water higher at high tide.  In other words, at where the shoreline is now, the water would be over my head if I was standing there.  Carol said, “let’s see!”.DSC_0028-001

Then towards 8:30 PM three Sandhill Cranes came in and landed in the water.  I scared them and they went to the tree.  DSC_0046-001

Goofy looking bird in a tree for sure.  Best pic at this distance - - far…..DSC_0048-001

Some other pics……DSC_0029DSC_0038-001DSC_0040-001

Retirement is working hard until you retire again and again and again……

See ya when we see ya……..