Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sunset in Ketchikan Alaska 3 May


That’s how we ended today. 

But first we went around to some Forest Svc and state parks to check them and the local areas out.  Window tour some,  get out and look some, walk some and did some more.  Here’s some pictures (out of 98) of some of things we saw …….DSC_0013DSC_0001DSC_0005DSC_0009


Last Chance Campground…. for you or me?DSC_0014

This guy was sneaking a peek of Carol…..DSC_0018

This ship is Ketchikan's first tour ship for the season.  It came in a day early because of a storm at sea they were expecting.DSC_0019


They had a 5 PM rush hour that lasted about 3 minutes and that’s because some old lady was in the crosswalk.

Nice profile….  DSC_0022

We got the rest of our ferry adventure reserved.  No problem.  We got exactly what we asked for.  Nice ferry agent.  Boy, that sounds a little off.

Reminds of a sergeant I once knew.DSC_0029

This is THE EXPERT (Nathan Jackson ?) in the world for totem pole carving.  How I met him and got a personal one on one tour was a weird by chance to say the least.  Campfire story….DSC_0032DSC_0035DSC_0038

Oh yea, my eagles are landing here in Ketchikan.  The white head is a mature Bald Eagle.  The one next to it is a young Bald Eagle under 2 years old.  They get their white between two and three years old.DSC_0044

Bald Eagles are scavengers and are thieves of others food.  Yes, they fish too but prefer someone else’s fish.  That was a major reason why they almost didn’t become our nation’s bird.  It was in contention with the turkey if you wanted to know.  I read it on line so it must be true.  Nah.. a ranger told me a long tie ago.DSC_0054DSC_0047DSC_0074DSC_0079DSC_0076

We’re getting water right in front of their office.  See the white hose?  The told us too. DSC_0087

And right behind us was…the dump. All free.DSC_0088

Back to just before the beginning of this blog.  AND yes that is a cigar I have and not pot even though it’s legal.DSC_0089

Retired and loving Ketchikan

See ya when we see ya……..