Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Juneau Zip Line Tuesday May 16

Well, we will just get to it, Carol on the zip line.

First was a boat ride over to the island where the zip line was. DSCN1599DSCN1600

Next was gearing up and a safety class.DSCN1603DSCN1604


The camera is not tilted at all.  The hill was this steep.DSCN1614

This old truck could climb just about anything in front of it.  The guides didn’t know anything about it other than it does anything.DSCN1617DSCN1620DSCN1624

Carol didn’t do just one or two zip lines.  She did nine, yes nine zip lines, NINE!  And enjoyed everyone more and more.  She’s got the bug.  She wants to do more.DSCN1630

I don’t think the bottle has soda in it.DSCN1634

Now back to this morning.  While waiting for our boat I saw a new looking unattended knapsack next to a small public trash can.  Homeland Security office was nearby  and I went and told them.  The two officers looked at each other (like oh shit) and immediately came outside and saw it.  One officer went over by it (3 feet) and then walked away from it.  He started asking nearby tourists about it with negative answers.  We left.  I didn’t want to be anywhere around it.  When we got back from the zip line about 4 hours later the knapsack was gone and all appeared to be back to normal.  It must have been a false alarm.  It just didn’t look normal is why I reported it.  Ain’t that what we are suppose to do?

Retirement is continuing to be watchful.

See ya when we see ya……