Friday, May 5, 2017

Yes, Whales Ketchikan May 5

Yep, around sunset we were setting in the camper at the Safeway parking lot looking out our windshield.  We were eating our Safeway dinner.  DSC_0018

AND…….two humpback whales came by…these are the best pictures I could get zooming all the way with a Nikon 300mm lens….DSC_0009-001DSC_0010-001DSC_0011-001DSC_0012-001DSC_0013-001

Next thing you know we had a few people around us watching the whales too.  The two guys are tour guides, one girl on the right is a flagger,  the two girls behind Carol are the managers for the big Lumberjack Show they have here.  Everybody talked about where they were from, etc., etc.. Very nice friendly people.  Nobody knew anybody except the two working for Lumberjack knew each other.DSC_0016

We even got invited to a free show for the community tomorrow night at the Lumberjack.  Oh well.  In a few hours we get loaded up on the ferry and gone by midnight to Wrangell.  It’s a 6 hour journey.  No we can’t stay or go to the camper.

We see a moose or two we might as well turn around and go back south.  We will have seen most of the animals several times.  I’m setting here doing this blog and watching a Bald Eagle perched on a pylon.  I think this is pretty close to as good as it gets but wouldn’t mind a few more!

Retirement is not hustling at doing much of anything.

See ya when we see ya….