Sunday, May 14, 2017

Leaving Petersburg Mother’s Day May 14

We’re still out in our last camper site in Wilson’s Creek Area.  It drizzled off and on today and the Eagles did return.  There were 4 Eagles around us again.  One was very close again.

Can you see him out our side window?DSC_0013-001

What about now?DSC_0014-001

and now?DSC_0011-001

I walked around the camper and trees and got this shot along with many others.DSC_0010-001It was a little windy so it might have been drying it’s feathers.

Since it was Mother’s Day, Mom Carol decided to cook dinner setting down.DSC_0016-001

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mother’s.

Our check in for our next ferry adventure is 7:30 PM.  That’s one hour before departure.  Then we arrive Juneau at 4 AM.  We do take blankets, a little food and wear warm clothes on the ride.  It’s not really that bad.  This ferry is one we haven’t rode on yet.  Hey, it’s an adventure.

Retirement is an adventure too.

See ya when we see ya……..