Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Petersburg Wednesday May 10

Being we got off the ferry at 10 at night (Tues). We went looking for someplace to park for the night.  Not the best situation for sure.  We just drove out of the city (South) which was about 2 minutes later.  We found a pull out that we felt comfortable with.  It was about 4 miles out of the town.

The next morning we looked out our window and was greeted by these Eagles.DSC_0063


We drove on with a U.S. Forest Service in mind about 21 miles South of Petersburg.DSC_0067

There’s a deer on each side of the road.  They just look at you and really don’t run.  They just walk away like saying “here come the tourists again this year.”DSC_0069DSC_0076

No hook ups of course and no fee.  Trees blocked the sun.  It did come out most of our first day but no real solar power.  We are the only ones here.  There’s about 10 sites and most of them will take 40 footers.  DSC_0077


Skeeters are around but not many at all.  They are really big and usually signal when coming in for a landing.  Not enough of them to break out the preventive “good stuff”.

I stayed outside for over 12 hours just enjoying the silence and scenery.  Carol came out and sat ever so often too. 

We have one Eagle flying around sometimes.  No other animals or real signs of them.  The sun did come out and look at us ever so often.

Retirement is listening to the silence longer.

See ya when we see ya.