Monday, May 15, 2017

Juneau USFS Monday May 15

We arrived in Juneau at 4 AM Monday via ferry after an 8 hour red eye special.  It wasn’t very comfortable at all.  We slept on the floor like some other people (much younger).  Floors are harder when your older.  We survived. 

Next was to Mendenhall US Forest Service (USFS) campground.  We get there at 4:30 AM and the gates are all locked up.  We sat at the gates.  About 7:3o AM some locals told us that in the past the USFS campground don’t open until Memorial Day weekend.  Oh no.  Tanks are filled and out of water just about.  Plus we are two grouches by now after the night on the ferry floor.  I started calling numbers and just got recordings of course.  About 8 AM we walked the campground and met the host.  He explained that this year they were going to open early and today was the day but not until 3 PM.  So, we are kinda of lucky, the campground will be open toady for the start of the season.  Also, all sites must be reserved on line, no drive ups what so ever.  We didn’t know that either.  That’s a major change.

With that knowledge I went on line and made reservations for today along with 5 more days.  This USFS has some full hook ups and we paid $148 for 6 nights (FHU).  That’s damn good considering where we are at.

Now what?  We need to kill about 5 hours.  We went to a McDonalds we saw earlier and had breakfast.  Yes, McDonalds. Same ole, same ole. 

Now what again?  So, we went to Walmart.  The building was closed and big locked gates all around.  Couldn’t even get into their lot.  I looked them up on line and they closed Feb 5 this year.  Something about the store didn’t fit into their future plans.  Fred Myer (like Walmart + more) just down the road seemed not to have any trouble fitting in.  Busy, busy.  We got a killer sandwich  ($7) from their deli and split it and had leftovers.

We went through our Coupon Tour Saver book and found a couple of things we liked.  One was a Zipline offer.  We called them and reserved for tomorrow (Tues) after Carol agreed to do it.  Can’t wait for those pictures of her screaming all the way……

It’s that 3 PM time and we went back to the campground and it was open.  We went in and got to our site, hooked up with no problems.  Yea…..

Since the sun was out and it was about 60 degrees we aired and dried out the camper and us too!  Longgggggggggggg hot showers.

Today ended up not being too shabby after all.

  These pics are from our campground but not our site.  Here’s Mendenhall Glacier….. DSC_0001

The green in the lower portion of the picture is a part of a forest.  That gives you an idea how big this glacier really is.DSC_0004

Retirement - you will still have rough days.

See ya when we see ya…..