Saturday, May 13, 2017

Petersburg Eagles Saturday May 13

Today we decided to go in to the town of Petersburg.  We’re about 26 miles out from town.  The road was real good and the speed limit was 50 mph.  We got to town about 11 AM and noticed a laundry on main street.  We (Carol) decided to do the laundry.  Later we walked the city.  That took about 15 minutes.  We spent more time in the IGA grocery store than anywhere.  We got eggs for .99 cents a carton.  The owner/manager gave me some cooked hamburger bites to try.  He said he was trying some new spices.  He said he would make some hamburger patties tomorrow.  I will be back for sure.  Upstairs was like a department store but small.  They had clothing, furniture, and that kind of stuff that was real high in price but the quality was there for sure. 

Their make shift eateries were small and usually had four tables.  The servers usually looked like the dish washer and owners.  Prices were high usually in the $15-20 for a sandwich.  No thanks.  We had egg salad sandwiches.

We left later in the day with no place for sure to go.  We drove all the way to the end of the island.  It was about 30 some miles with nothing special at the end.  We turned around and went back North.  We saw another hidden campground and went in.  It’s called Wilson Creek Area.  Don’t know if it was city, state or US Forest Svc.  It was free.  No hook ups of course but the views………. As we were pulling in we had 5 Eagles greet us.

This one was having a bad hair day.  It’s a juvenile – no white head or white tale.  This guy was about 30-40 feet from us.  He was watching us.DSC_0070

The Eagles were around because of a big dead fish they found and they fought over the fish.  It was two mature and three youngins.DSC_0009DSC_0080DSC_0006

Then they left.  I think I scared them off. I was bigger.DSC_0021

Oh yea, our site.  Nobody here nor did anybody drive through.  Not raining either.DSC_0050DSC_0071

We have maxed out on seeing Eagles now.

Tomorrow evening we leave for Juneau.  It’s about an 8 hour ferry ride in the middle of the night.  We get to Juneau at 4 AM.  That will be an adventure.

Retirement is full of adventures.

See ya when we see ya.