Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wrangell May 6


The ferry trip to Wrangell from Ketchikan went very well.  We were under way at midnight.  We even caught some sleep before arriving to Wrangell at 6 AM.  This is not a tourist town.  No waiting buses or vans, no tourist shops all over the place, no eager tour guides.  It’s just a small little community that’s trying to survive their way.

No hook ups out here and it’s free.  We don’t have a good WiFi and some cell service (Verizon).  Who needs it.DSC_0008

The morning coffee view…..The river view is of the Stikine River.  DSC_0010

It only had two sites and one was an obvious tent site.  We took the other site and not to shabby either.DSC_0001

  We set out for hours.  Yes, we were dressed warm with long johns, gloves and all that.  No wind so it was really nice.  It did sprinkled off and on all day and night but it didn’t RAIN.

Temps got to about 53 for the high and 41 for the low last night (Sat).  Mostly cloudy.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we might just hike around the area.

Retirement is being able to enjoy life more.

See ya when we see ya…