Thursday, May 18, 2017

Juneau Trip Facts Thurs May 18

We woke up to drizzle/rain.  Hey, that’s called normal around here in Juneau.  It’s been sunny since Tuesday I think.  Since today is gonna be a stay at home day, it don’t matter.  Might put out the awning to give it a wash from the pine needles/dust we’ve collected at other places.

OK, some numbers.  Sex ………………….  Carol said I couldn’t put that on the blog so I lined it out.  Since Livingston, TX we have gone 3,700 miles on land.  Getting around 9 mpg. Let’s see, that's been since 8 April.  By sea I don’t know.  We’ve been on the ferry for about 23 hours total.  We’ve waited in line (required check in time) for the ferry about 7 hours total.  Been in 4 ports.  Not inspected at all anywhere.  Getting to a dump or filling the water tank, LP tank – no problem.  Finding a place to spend the night – no problem.  Gas no problem.  Food no problem.  Used/using a lot of paper products (plates, towels, toilet, etc.) and we burn them usually.  We wear a lot of layered (3-4) clothes at times.  To get to anything in the camper something must be moved.  Always put something back where it should be in the camper or you will lose it.  Got the leveling of the camper down pretty good with those orange leveling  blocks.

Things breaking or broke.  I broke the three dash 12 volt sockets one at a time trying to use the 12v air compressor.  Not a fuse!? – still broke.  No CB or GPS now.  Drawers – broke two latches – still broke.  Yea bungee cords.  Spilled water in the inverter – haven’t turned it on & will wait a few more days before testing.  My pair of shoes came apart when wet – threw away and went to the back up pair.  Wind caught the camper door and broke 2 cable wires that hold the door from opening too far – still broke. Our old food sealer machine broke.  Got a new one in the lower 48 states.

Things we have not used yet and hope not to.  Fire extinguisher, spare tire and bear spray.  In that order!

Things we’re glad we brought.  Money, LP heater,  binoculars (8X35), boots, rain gear, tea, soup, kindle, DVD’s, extra  heavy blankets and more.

Would we do the Inside Passage again.  We’re glad we did it.  We really enjoyed the different ports and the ride itself.  Something different next time.  Really enjoyed being out in the wilderness away from the small towns.  Priorities change for sure.  If you don’t like fishing you’re in for an awakening out here.  Fishing is KING.

Memorable – setting at Safeway’s parking lot on the waterfront and seeing two whales go by (in the water – duh).  Meeting locals about the area especially the Tlingit (pronounced Klink its) who are native Alaskans.  They’re known for their totem poles.  Seeing whales, Eagles, sea lions from our campsite.  Riding the ferry through the Wrangell Narrows.

Yes, the camper is dirty on the outside but not muddy looking at all.  Carol keeps the inside real clean.  The cat is tracking her kitty litter everywhere to include Carol’s side of the bed.

Money spent…….yes…….Love that Visa…

So, doing this blog is what I do sometimes during down time and having internet.

Retirement is trying to remember the things I should do.

See ya when we see ya……..