Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ketchikan, Alaska


We are here….DSC_0024

The tide comes up just below the green.  We are on the water.DSC_0025

Our site is FHU except the water isn’t turned on yet.  I was talking to the very young owner of this fishing resort when I asked how much?  It’s in the coupon book 2 for 1 night.  He said since the water wasn’t running yet, how was $10 each night?  I almost ripped my pocket getting the money out.

Now to back track to the ferry.  We got to the ferry yard by 1 AM Tuesday morning.  We sat for about an hour and half then they started loading the vehicles.  We went on about 3:30 AM and we were the next to last vehicle.DSC_0005DSC_0004

I had to tuck in our mirrors or we wouldn’t have any.  It’s tight and the workers were all very professional.  The ferry pulled out at 4 A.M. on time.  The ferry didn’t have a lot of passengers and almost all of them were sleeping on chairs, floors, lounge chairs, where ever.  It still wasn’t crowded.  It was quiet except the hum of the twin diesels (monsters).  About 6 AM or so the sun came up.  It was pretty.  They had breakfast.  We brought snacks.  We didn’t sleep well at all.  Breakfast on the boat was reasonable in price all things considered and looked good.

We arrived on time.DSC_0012DSC_0016DSC_0018

We disembarked from the side of the ferry.  That was interesting.  We were next to last to get off the ferry.DSC_0020

Driving off the ferry on to a portable ramp and out the front gate… one shot and got it all done.DSC_0023

Next ferry ride we will bring a blanket or two and wear more clothes.  The ferry was far from being warm.

We are going to catch some shut eye.  The town will have to wait until tomorrow.

Retirement is sleeping when you want.

See ya when we see ya… some this month…