Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tok Alaska Sunday June 4

This blog was not uploaded from 21 May until now.  Eventually I will put a blog in for each one of those eventful days and there were some.  For now I will start with today and continue on from here.

Don’t know why the different blog look.

At the Alaska Custom stationDSC_0027-001

Then the sign…….It’s our third Alaska sign in the last few weeks.DSC_0018-001

This is the international boundary…….DSC_0024-001

A swan was right across the road from the Alaskan signDSC_0022

Arrived today here in Tok.  They really spent some money on this sign.DSC_0036-001

Tok is 400 miles from Whitehorse.  We took one night/two days to get here.  No hurry what so ever.  We stayed at “those little places” that offered 15 amp service for $12-15 Canadian.  No water/dump.  Each one had it’s own character for sure.  In the lower 48 most people pass these places up.  They do up here too!  But we are in a camper and want to experience camping at the grass root entry level and are.  It’s really a new adventure.

Once we got set up we made immediate paw tracks to Fast Eddy’s across the street.  DSC_0037-001

Man O man love those deep fried mushrooms!DSC_0039

We went back to our site/camper and got all settled in. 

Later Briggs and Anne Whitefield came over and invited us to Fast Eddy’s for dinner.  We just finished our left overs from a long time ago (?).  We declined and we arranged for tomorrow night.

Since the wind was very strong DSC_0041we stayed inside and watched a movie then regular TV.  We get ABC out of Anchorage via our TV antennae.  That shouldn’t happen but oh well, we got it.

Retirement – heard it was great

See ya when we see ya…