Friday, June 16, 2017

Anchorage Friday June 16

We decided to stay another night.  Why? Because we got full hook up and TV with a chance for a bear or moose to visit us.  Well, that didn’t happen.  We spent a lot of time just setting outside enjoying the sun.  One night turned into 3 nights here.

I washed the RV with my brush, soap, etc.  here at our site.  I thought for awhile the rear of the camper had a slight tan color.  Nope, just built up dirt.  My hubcaps are even shinning now.  Carol did an extra cleaning on the windows both outside and inside.  The camper looks real good.

Later in the day we walked down to Harry and Margaret’s site.  There staying in the area to take care of some regular medical appointments Monday.  Plus Harry is gonna play golf Saturday with Briggs.  We solved most of the world problems.  It was fun as usual.

Peace and quiet all day long here on base except the jet fly overs ever so often.  We vegetated.

Tomorrow we head for Hope to meet some other Loosey Goosey members.  It’s about 100 miles from here.

Retirement should be slow enough to catch up.

See ya when we see ya……