Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Towards Chicken Wed June 7

We tried to sneak out from the park but Jan Mains and Harry Schoolcraft caught us.  We shared goodbyes and we will see each other again down the road.  Thanks guys…

The Chickenstock Festival doesn’t start until Friday afternoon.  They say they won’t take early arrivals for the free camping for registered attendees.  In the same breath (email) they say when you arrive then it’s first come first serve.  It don’t sound real good because I’ve been told that there’s people already there.  If we arrive when we were told too and they have no spot for us I’m gonna be very pissed and they will know.  We shall see what we see.

Anyhow, we leave the campground and go on down the road to Taylor Highway.  At the junction of the Alaska Highway and Taylor Highway is this old roadhouse.  It wasn’t open in 2000 our first trip up here and it isn’t open now or in previous trips.  Interesting….DSC_0028

Anyhow, we turn North (only direction) and get on down the road doing about 45-50 mph most of the time.  The road is a little different but OK if you don’t try to do the 55 mph speed limit.DSC_0011DSC_0015DSC_0021DSC_0022DSC_0025

And this was about 50 miles of this road and we came up on West Fork BLM Campground.  We planned this.  No one else was there.  We picked the best spot we liked and settled in.  No hook ups.  $10 unless your an old fart. Carol qualifies and paid $5 bucks a night.  They have outstanding vault toilets.  Best we ever seen.  Plus, they have one public water spigot.  Not to shabby. 

Carol looks at her phone after turning it on and it  has a recorded voice message from her brother to call him.  That’s very rare.  There is no cell service out here.  So, we packed up and headed back down the highway. 

We got back to the Alaska Hwy and still no cell service.  We drove towards Tok and picked up cell service about 5 miles down the road.  Carol called her brother back in Maryland.  Carol’s Mom entered the hospital a few days ago and is now being released today.  It appears that her new meds might have been screwed up.  Carol’s brother is trying to work things out and is starting to go down the road of Medicaid for their Mom.  It appears that some changes will have to be made for the care of their Mom.

After the call we drove the 50-60 miles back to the campsite and settled in again.DSC_0023


We are at the edge of being off the grid it seems like.

We had a campfire and had some s'mores.  I think we went to bed about 8 PM.  I just woke up and it’s 6 AM.  Of course the sun has been up for hours.  No wind early in the morning, sunny and it’s 55 degrees.  Pretty good for us….

Retirement is wanting to explore the unknown at times.

See ya when we see ya.