Monday, June 12, 2017

Tok Monday June 12

Today was kinda get some stuff done today.  First we went to Willard’s for the camper V10 engine oil change.  I had Ford special blend oil and a Ford filter.  They changed all for $25 out the door.  While there I asked about this 5th wheel.  He said the guy turned right too fast around a corner and the rig rolled over in a ditch taking the truck with it.  It’s a lot worse than it looks fro this picture.DSC_0005

Next was the laundry down at the Tundra RV Park.  They got a pretty big laundry for public use.  The cost was $16.50 for three loads.  If you stay in their campground the rate is $40 FHU and $38 for EW.  We pay $28 for FHU at Three Bears little park.  They have showers at 3 Bears if you want, no charge.

Next was the post office (drop off), grocery store and gas.  The grocery we just picked up a few items like bread and tea bags, etc.  The gas station was $2.89 for gas or diesel.  The camper got 8.6 mpg this tank.  Plus they got chicken gizzards and mushrooms.  Both are what I like.  I got an order of them babies. 

Then back to our site by 1 PM at 3 Bears.  We set up again and added water and did a dump at least until tomorrow morning.  We’re done our needed duties. 

Our one TV station came back up.  It’s for kids during the day then does several different network shows at night on this one and only channel.

It rained last night and rained some again this morning.  Jon & Sue pulled out heading South.  We might meet up with them tomorrow when we head that way.  The afternoon rains have ceased.  The sun is in and out and the wind blows in all directions.  67 degrees outside was today’s high.

Jim & Linda Works (Loosey Goosey) caught up to us today here in Tok.  They came up via the Inside Marine Passage like we did. DSC_0008Of course we went to Fast Eddy’s for dinner.  You know I’ve had 5 orders of mushrooms.  I’m done.  I had a Pepper Jack hamburger which was just fine.  Jim & Linda said they would go to Mukluk Land tomorrow to see what’s going on there that everybody is talking about.  They plan on leaving after Mukluk  and go to Fairbanks.  We said our goodbyes now rather than in the morning.

We are planning to be in Hope, AK on or about the 18th of June or so.  If your in the area, stop on by.  They’re will be a few us there before going down to Seward for 5-6 days.  Just drive around until you see orange…

I have 3 chicken hitch hikers that jumped on when we were leaving Chicken Sunday.  If you want to glue a hitch hiker to our flock – go for it!DSC_0001

Retirement is being able to say your not sorry for retiring.

See ya when we see ya…..