Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No Hope Tuesday June 20

I woke up about 6 AM to rain.  I leave the awning out so we can have a dry place outside.  No wind so it’s been OK here and elsewhere.  Outside was in the mid 40’s and inside 50’s.  I lite the portable LP and was up to 70 degrees in no time.  Our voltage is at 12.2V.  No leaks, all is good and there is Hope.

I got a call from Alaska Destinations and Adventures canceling my RESERVATION for a charter.  They said it was booked full for a week.  Long story…they over booked on purpose or their reservation system failed.  Either way… it’s cancelled.  Plus, because of my attitude with them they banned me from future charters.  They said it was because of my threating manners which they could not explain.  You have a company cancel your reservations and see how you like it.  Yes, I was mad but cool.  I think I stumped them as to why they cancelled my reservations.  I think I pissed them off earlier so they took the easy road and cancelled.  I was inquiring about all their surcharges and fees.  One thing is that they couldn’t answer my questions and became very defensive like I shouldn’t be questioning their other FEES.  They added $100 dollars to a $300 ticket.  Anyhow, no charter.  Now I have to wait to get a credit for my Visa charge.  BEWARE with this big company in the Tour Saver Book which we endorsed for many years.

It rained until after lunch.  Then Carol, Mark, Ed, Sandy and myself played a board game.  I forget what the name is.  It resembles the Sorry game.  I think we played 5 games of it.  It was a blast for sure. 

Sue and Jon came over for a while.  We’re trying to find out what all of our plans are.  We settled for all of us going to Seward tomorrow (Wed).  Ed is going on a fishing charter Thursday.  He booked his reservation hours after me – not cancelled.  He didn’t ask them any questions is why his wasn’t cancelled.  Oh well…..

I think we ended the group around 9:30 PM or so.  We were outside a few hours for sure.

Retirement is having the ability to ask, “why.”

See ya when we see ya…..