Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tok Alaska Tuesday June 6

This morning I got the Honda off the front of the camper. It was sunny and in the 50’s.  Carol got on and we went riding around the back roads.  Very interesting with all the different types of living quarters.DSC_0001

The campground, 3 Bears, was pretty empty until some Loosey Goosey Members showed up. No pictures as you can see.  That don’t make sense.  Harry/Carlena and Bill/Jan Mains showed up around noon coming in from Canada.DSC_0002

Of course you go to Fast Eddy’s for dinner.DSC_0006

Briggs and Anne joined us.  DSC_0003

and after… everybody enjoyed dinner and the portions.  Harry had to stay an extra 6 hours to finish his hamburger.DSC_0005


Earlier we talked the new arrivals into going into Muckluck Land.  They said they had a blast!

After dinner we all sat out for a short while our food was digesting.  That would take a few more days.

Tomorrow we are heading North towards Chicken, AK to arrive Friday.  It’s all off the grid so the blog probably won’t come out until Monday or so.

Retirement is never having to say sorry for it.

See ya when we see ya.