Thursday, June 8, 2017

BLM Taylor Hwy Thur June 8

We’re still at the West Fork BLM campground 18 miles South of Chicken.  It was mostly a sunny day with temps near 80 degrees, unbelievable.  The temp was still 75 degrees outside at 9 PM.  We slept with the windows open. It’s really a warm hole at this campground.  The only problem is that the wind is constantly blowing.  It doesn’t lower the temp at all.  It keeps the bugs away which is nice.

We walked the campground this morning and basically stayed outside most of the day.  No big animals around.  The host said that they don’t get any large animals around here and this is his second year here.  So if we do see a large animal, it’s lost!

We watched some campers come and go and a few stayed overnight.  No big rigs sat all.  Mostly slide in campers.  The campground itself will take any size rig in most of the 25 sites.  It usually had about 4-5 overnighters.

The solar is doing OK.  We get some direct sun in the afternoon.  I think having daylight for about 20 hours a day is the main factor.  At 6:30 AM this morning we were at 12.4 volts.  That’s pretty good.  We have no big electronic draw.  Maybe  when we do a little charging of the electronic stuff at the most.

Nice and quiet even with a few other campers.

Friday afternoon we head for Chickenstock which will be interesting getting in.

Retirement is needing more medical attention when you least want it.

See ya when we see ya….