Friday, July 20, 2012

Yo Yo

Here’s our site.  We get shade from the trees in the very late afternoon/early evening.DSC_0001

The Razor is nearby.DSC_0003

The place is empty for the most part.DSC_0004 DSC_0005

I was out and washing the front end of the Beast at 5:30 AM this morning.  Then I wiped down the Jeep and found this chip in the window.  Not sure if it happened when towing or while at the North Rim area.  I don’t think it will spread.DSC_0007

When I finished and went in Carol was fixing this breakfast for me.  It was good…………..DSC_0006

Then it was time to go to Camp Verde for some maps for 4X4ing and ATVing.DSC_0008 DSC_0010

The visitors center really didn’t have anything that I wanted/needed.  When I asked they did give me directions to the closet national forest service.  DSC_0011

It was only a few miles away.  They were very informative and they noticed we were collecting pamphlets on 4X4/AtVing.  That’s when the lady brought out the maps from under the counter.  These were the forest maps (2) and damn good ones.  I knew they had them and they don’t give them out like candy.  We talked for awhile and thanked the rep for the maps.

She also told us where to buy some local roadside produce which we did.DSC_0012

Next was Wal-mart.  There went $150…..

When we returned back to the Beast a Yo Yo had changed sites and was next to us – literally.  He was parked on “our grass” and was even at an angle.DSC_0014

See the gravel/dirt next to his passenger side where his awning is?  That’s where he is suppose to be parked.  I was HOT!.  I don’t mess with Yo Yo’s when they are that inconsiderate.  I went to the office I showed them the picture.  Now they were hot because this Yo Yo had parked on their grass. You don’t park on the grass in AZ.  They knew who he was so that told me something.

Anyhow they came down and told him he would have to move into his site.  I came out and informed him that it was I that told the office.  He did apologized for parking cock eyed but not for parking so close to me in our site.  I accepted his apology.  Hey, it was very oblivious to everyone except to him.  That’s a Yo Yo.  I guess he thought we wouldn’t say anything about  being able to use only one side of our picnic table and not able to put our awning out all the way.  That’s a Yo Yo.  Ignorance is OK but stupidity I don’t take lightly.

We had a rain/wind storm roll in about 4PM and it cooled down 20 degrees (77) real quick.  That was nice.  We got two AC’s and two floor fans running.  When it hits a 100+ degrees we are about 83-85 degrees inside.  Outside in the shade it’s OK.

People have suggested that I put more weight on the tongue of the trailer (Razor) to keep it from wagging light a dog tail.  I will turn the Razor around on the trailer and that will put more weight on the tongue.  Hopefully that will work.  Oh yea……71 feet!

No plans for tomorrow..