Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Ready To Store/Shiny Wheels

That is to store the Razor in a large shed at our lot at North Ranch, Congress, AZ.DSC_0023

The shed door is only a few inches or so not being wide enough to drive the Razor in.  Denny had the same problem when he got his Razor.  We (he) cut the wood next to the door latch and made it like a double door.  I will attempt to do the same by about 6 inches (woman’s measurement).  Denny’s made his extension about two feet plus some I think. The reason I mention this is I plan to do this in about 2 1/2 weeks.  I don’t have any tools that cut.  So when I was in Home Depot I started checking on saws.  I won’t have electricity number one.  So that means cordless.  I found a deal so I got it.  It was $100 bucks for a package deal which included a saw, drill, charger, 2 batteries plus a canvass bag plus on sale for $80. Plus another $25 bucks off for signing up for a Home Depot charge card.  Hey, $55 bucks what the hell!DSCN0610

Later I  decided to wash the Beast by the bucket method.  The rain had splashed up on the body/wheels/tires and it was in need.  I wiped it down with a wet cloth then a dry cloth immediately. I cleaned the tires and the wheels too.  She was looking like a beauty queen ready for the show.  No not you kitty. DSCN0611 DSCN0613

Then it happened.  I heard a lawn mower cutting grass two sites up from me.  I figured I would just beg for him not to cut this site.  Then something else happened and the lawn mower guy went away.  I looked up in the sky and saw why he left.  Rain was coming…in all directions.DSCN0612 DSCN0614


We’ve been hit with bad thunderstorms the previous three days.  I don’t know why I thought today was any different.  I think this is how character is built.  Just what I need – to be more of a character.  People say I’m that enough already probably especially my friends.

Since it was raining it was a no for grilling outside.  I had some real nice NY strip that I got today at Fry’s (on sale). We decided to go to a nearby restaurant that we have been before.  It was with Nick, Greg and their loved ones.  I believe this is one of Nick’s favorites.  It is for sure our number one Mexican eatery and we don’t really care for Mexican food all that much.  Hands down this is number one for us.DSCN0618  

I cleaned my plate completely and even enjoyed the beans and rice which is very rare.  It’s must be the old lard!DSCN0617

The family owns three restaurants;  Flagstaff, Camp Verde and Prescott and have been doing business since 1975 I think.

See ya….