Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wires, Lights, & Towing

Today was wire The Jeep so it could be towed by the Beast.  I used the magnetic light system but it was now time to wire it permanently.  I started at 6 AM so the sun wouldn’t beat me up.  Denny came out about 9 AM.  By 11:30 I was fried from the heat & sun.  Denny couldn’t stop.  I came back out about 12:30 and he had figured out most of the wiring.  A trip to an auto store was necessary to get some more diodes for a total of four.  Denny was the brain on the electrical side.  Ed made a brace for the plug in and it was a real strong one.  Too many hands in the cookie jar and things don’t get done.  Ed volunteered to set this one out and be a quiet supervisor. DSCN0591

Whenever I lost the keys Steve was there to find them.

Early afternoon it was time to stop due to the sun/heat.

It was time to eat.DSCN0585 DSCN0587 Diner was pretty good.  Booze was expensive. 

When we returned we went back to the task in hand – The Jeep.  We finally got the light system done and checked it out by plugging into the Beast for the final check.  We added an extra ground to the battery and everything was fine.DSCN0593

Now we went for the ultimate and that was too hook up the magnetic lights to check out the wiring for the towing the trailer in tandem…Beast, The Jeep, and then the Razor/trailer in the rear.  Yes double tow. The lights didn’t work for the trailer (magnetic light system).  We will try to check it out tomorrow.

I could make do but Denny wants to make sure everything is working especially double towing.  We will start again after a 4X4 trail run tomorrow.

See ya.