Monday, July 30, 2012

To See Or Not To See or Who’s Crack

The Jeep is just barely a month old and it’s taking a beating.  The windshield cracked from that little rock chip I got the other day.  Plus it was parked when it cracked.  I think the heat made it give way.  Here’s the kicker.  I called GEICO to get it repaired.  They said I didn’t have windshield coverage ($100 deductible).   like on the motorhome (used it last year).  The Jeep only had the normal $500 deductible with the comprehensible.  They basically said too bad that it was…it don’t matter..they just said to have a nice day.   To replace it with a non Mopar windshield it was $330.  A MoPar Jeep windshield was $721. We talked awhile and we’re getting the non MoPar windshield plus all the windows tinted (except the windshield) for $400 out the door.  We will get the side long windows limo (dark) tinted and the doors and rear windows medium tinted.  What the hell!  It’s scheduled for Thursday.  It’s a big crack as you can see.  Have you seen a bigger crack lately…….smile…DSCN0693

Carol wanted to go to this hippie shop in nearby Clarksdale so why not?  It’s been a few years.DSCN0694

It had the peace signs, tie dye clothing and old records, beads, incense, etc.  It also had a lot of pipes and bongs.  I thought that stuff was illegal to have much less to sell.  I guess in AZ it’s OK.

Then we went here….DSCN0695

This place was so cool.  It had a lot of neat old “stuff”.DSCN0696 DSCN0697 DSCN0698 DSCN0699 DSCN0700

Plus they had a lot of “stuff” inside.  We will be back when we get some money.

It rained again yesterday evening.  All the vehicles were dirty again.  The splashing of the rain on the ground in the dirt to the side of the vehicles is getting old.  I decided not to clean them again.  You know it didn’t rain at all today.  I will clean them tomorrow.

See ya….Dennis