Saturday, July 28, 2012

This & That

We decided to pick up our mail today in
Cottonwood.  Of course we had to go to George’s for breakfast.  It’s turning into our favorite breakfast place.  Then after the post office it was time to wash the Jeep.  A buck 75 and 4 minutes and it’s done…almost.  We we got back to the beast and I wiped the Jeep down due to water spots.  We got our new license plates so we are officially un-new due to no temp plates.DSCN0660

It took me most of this to get the old temp plate off and the new ones on…gas was the last resort but it didn’t get to that point.DSCN0667 

I checked the sidewalls of the trailer tires and they say 90 PSI is max.  Wow, I checked them when we bought it and they had 65 PSI and I figured that was plenty.  I pumped them up to 85 PSI.  That along with the Jeep tires up from 28 to 35 PSI might take some of that wag out of the trailer going down the road..DSCN0663

Since I had the compressor out I went ahead and aired up the Beast’s tires up.  They needed about 5 lbs each.  The major temp change since April made it necessary. 

This is a Sears air compressor ($100).  I’ve had several compressors and this seems to be the best for me.  I usually burn them up or they won’t pump up much pass 80 PSI.  I can get this one to pump these big tires up to 117 PSI in the front.   It says it can pump 150 PSI.  Yea, an inner tube for swimming.DSCN0651


When Carol isn’t hanging the laundry outDSCN0657 

she or should I say Lucy II, has started collecting rocks.  DSCN0670 We got the space and can carry the weight.  Go for it.  Speaking of Lucy, if you haven’t seen The Long Long Trailer lately it might be a good time to watch it for some real laughs.

Opps..forgot one…DSCN0665

At noon it hadn’t broke into the 90s yet. The humidity was high due to the recent rain so it was muggy as hell.  I really don’t know if hell is muggy at least not yet.

Batteries are next…maybe tomorrow.DSCN0668

Our kitty said it was about time to catch a nap.DSCN0671 DSCN0672

I cooked dinner on the grill to include corn on the cob.  I finished up about 5:30 PM.  On the NEWS it said monsoon rains and low and behold it poured down.  We even got a small stream running behind us.  the weather forecast is more isolated monsoon rains for the next three days.DSC_0013

It stopped about 9 PM and then it got real muggy.  Good thing the park maintenance guy fixed our leaky  water spigot earlier. 

See ya……