Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gadgets & Things

People have asked how we like our Verizon MiFi Card (3G) now that we’ve had it for 6 months.  Too bad we had to junk the 6 year old Datastorm/Hughes System.DSCN0602

Well, no problems what so ever, no complaints.  It was used when we got it.  The Gunn’s updated their internet service and they gave us their old MiFi.  Like I said, no problems.  Carol uses it for emails, read blogs and downloads I-Tunes.  I use it for reading blogs, doing this blog, emails and some searches.  By today’s standards we are minimum users.

At Camping World we got some vent stuffers.  We’ve had them in the past.  These things work great for keeping heat out (summer 90+) and heat in (winter 30 - ).  Cost $8 bucks on sale.DSCN0603


Next was cloth step covers ($9 ea/sale).  We messed up and got the small ones but they will work.  They help keep down the dirt tracked into the Beast.  I use to get outdoor carpet (Lowe’s) and used springs to hold them in place.  It’s cheaper and now you can get it in brown vice the green. Oh Well.  We also have an additional fold up step for years.  That I put outdoor turf on with tie straps and it works great.  We always put it out next to the first step of the Beast even if not needed for stepping up to the steps if high.  Again, it grabs “stuff”.DSCN0606


Now these chairs I’ve been keeping my eye on for about 2 years when I first saw them.  They list for $50 and I just couldn’t justify that.  Camping World puts them on sale ever so often for $35.  Seems like I’ve been missing these sales until now.  At $35 it was time to get them.  They fold down real small and are very sturdy.  they even have little pockets on the arm for “stuff”.DSCN0608

These fold up chairs are heavy (good) and would be a hassle for hand carrying long distances.  We will carry them in the Jeep full time.DSCN0609

During the day I wiped down the Beast (43’ Dutch Star) again.  I think AZ should pay me for bringing all this rain in during there drought.  It didn’t rain today so it was time to cook the NY strip steaks I got at Fry’s for $6 bucks a pound.  I also cooked some corn on the grill in the husk.  I cook them about 25-30 minutes.  The steaks were tender and the corn was delicious.  Carol even said that I cooked her steak just right – medium well done.

I hooked up the trailer/Razor to the Jeep and parked it a sight across from us.  This place is empty so no problems parking in a sight.  Besides it was an extra small site.  Tomorrow we move over to the Thousand Trails park (Verde Valley) 8 miles up the road from us.  We will be there for two weeks.  We hopefully can get our roof repaired and AC fixed.  Details later on.

See ya……………