Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting Ready….Again

Today was get ready to move tomorrow.  this is normal for us.  We do odds and ends and nothing real special.  We will being staying in a full hook up park tomorrow night and picking up the Razor/trailer.  I plan to double tow from there (Hatch).  That would be the Beast, The Jeep and the trailer/Razor behind it.  We will be then staying in the Kanab area for two nights.  We want to go to Zion National Park via The Jeep one day.  The other day will be visiting an animal rescue facility in Kanab.  From there we will go into Grand Canyon North Rim for up to 14 days (dry camping).  We’ve never been at the North Rim so we decided to check it out next week. We’ve been to the South Rim probably about 6 or so times over the years I will be double towing into the park along with only sites available for 40 footers.  This will be interesting and another adventure for sure.

I cleaned the bugs off the windshield of the Beast and then took The Jeep into town to do a self wash.  I also filled it up at $3.60 a gallon.

Afternoon was NASCAR racing…..chair potato.

Since this was our last night at Moab we went to diner with Ed & Sandy.

We went to the grocery store for some little things.  Got a friggin ding in the door of The Jeep.

We will probably meet them in North Ranch later this year.  It’s been a real nice time being around them for the last three weeks or so.

Moab has been OK and we will return but in cooler weather.  It is a tourist area but not too bad at least in the off season.

We found out that the Grand Canyon North Rim is booked full for the rest of the season.  Another time.

We will figured something out later.

See ya…..