Sunday, July 8, 2012

And Then There Was None

Nice continental breakfast departing breakfast.DSCN0575

This dog was ready to go.DSCN0576

Our cat likes orange too!.DSCN0578

They left…..DSCN0577


We rested…cleaned/washed The Jeep inside and out.  Wired it for towing with magnetic lights (temp). Maybe Denny can help me wire The Jeep the right way (hint).  Then washed the Razor/trailer.  During this time Carol was doing the wash and cleaning inside the Beast.  The outside is filthy dirty.  I did say rest didn’t I?

Then we (Ed & Sandy & us) headed for diner at Bob & Tammie’s place.  DSCN0580 DSCN0583 They own the campground we’ve been staying at.  They’re going to let us and Ed & Sandy store our ATV/trailers at their home while we go to Moab.  That their is nice.DSCN0582

We got back to the rigs and it was too late to take  care of unhooking the water and sewer and taking down the windshield shade.  That will now happen in the early AM.

Tomorrow we got 275 miles to Moab with a fuel and of course a Wal-Mart stop.  It will be the first time for The Jeep to be towed.  For those that want to know it’s been getting 20+ MPG on the road and about 12-15 off road.  I am really happy with those numbers.

See ya…