Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh What A Day

41 degrees last night.  That’s an eye opener when you haven’t been in temps lower than the 60s for awhile. Yesterday evening we got rain.  There went all that cleaning the last two days.  It’s a full timer on going job trying to keep every thing clean and shiny on the outside.

Cleaned the bugs off the windshield this A.M.  It was pretty bad.  I like to clean them off each day while traveling, especially off the lower front end.

Since we only have about 50 miles to Kanab today we were in no hurry.  Yes, folks we can do only 50 miles.

I then hooked up the trailer/Razor to The Jeep.  Then all that to the Beast.  Yep, gonna try double towing today.  Weight wise that doesn’t even put me at half my max towing rate which is 10K lbs.  Love that Jake brake.  Length wise – yes it has length!DSC_0001

We plan to stay two nights in Kanab.  The day of arrival we want to go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary which is nearby.  Then the second day we want to drive to Zion National Park.  Time will tell if we can “get ur done”.

Here we go….weeeeeeeeeeeeDSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0010

I know it’s only 4 pictures but it was only 50 miles!


We pulled in to the Hitch-N-Post RV park after we disconnected upon entering town.  the park is on the south side of town on Rt 89.  It’s an old small park.  We called ahead of time and they said no problem.  We pulled in a side entrance and thought we were in the wrong park – too small.  We drove around the block and came back in.  “Bob” came running out saying he had a spot for us.  And he did!DSC_0059 DSC_0060

I (Carol) will have to back out of this park.  It had 50 AMP, FHU for $31 with a $3.25 a day tax.  30 AMP was $2 cheaper.

We then had lunch at Pizza Hut which was a $5 buffet.  It was within walking distance.

Then we headed toward the middle of town to see what’s happening.  We had about an hour to kill.  We found this FREE movie set museum and took advantage of it.  DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0018

Carol said this was probably a softer ride than in The Jeep - - NOT!DSC_0022

Carol they are out of money too!DSC_0025

These saddles were ridden hard and put away wet.  The riders needed Depen diapers and a hemorrhoids cushion.DSC_0026

Time to leave and head forDSC_0029

While waiting for our tour I saw these DSC_0033 Did you see the bubble bee..?

The tour was our second.  If you come by here (Kanab) it’s worth a stop if you are an animal lover.  That’s all I’m saying besides it was worth it.

Headed back to town we saw a dirt road that said Hog Canyon.  We went for it.  DSC_0056Two miles in the road went up a steep hill.  No problem – I thought.  It started to get sandy (red) and near the top it was really sandy and The Jeep wouldn’t pull it.  I was afraid of getting stuck if I tried to make it to the top and it was within sight.  I backed down a sandy hill for about 50-75 yards with a drop off to the left.  It was adventure.  The Jeep did pretty good coming down the hill and Carol did too!DSC_0046 DSC_0048 DSC_0049

I know there’s a trail here somewhere….DSC_0051

I got out and Carol took these pictures.  The incline was so steep I had a damn hard time getting back into The Jeep.  It doesn’t really show the hill that I’m parked on.DSC_0055

Which way do I go?  Over the edge and to the road…weeeeeeee.DSC_0057

We got back to the park and Carol liked this “thing”.DSC_0058

We had a salad for diner along with some steamed shrimp in Old Bay.

Then Carol and I did almost a 2 hour walk of downtown Kanab.  To begin with, look who gets top billing.  This entire sign struck me funny.  It doesn’t take much.  Just open your eyes – it’s every where.DSCN0594


Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!  that’s not a side walk.DSCN0597

And even these two signs are funny to me.  It’s a restaurant!  A tourist might think it’s a public restroom?DSCN0598

Well, tomorrow we have three choices to visit which are Zion, North Rim, & Toroweap (AZ).  What’s a Toroweap?  Stay tuned….

See ya….