Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One More Time

We decided that we would leave the back seat of the Jeep at North Ranch when we get there in 10 days or so.  This morning I decided to try several different locations with the seat.  First I took it out with Carol’s help.  I rearranged several compartments in the Beast.  Carol didn’t think it would fit.  It fit perfect on the slide out but I didn’t like it.  We moved it back into the Jeep.  I then decided to fold it and strap it to one side of the back area of the Jeep.  I liked it and Carol liked it.  Now we can put stuff in the back of the Jeep without the hassle of moving the front seat.  We only had a rear small seat to put stuff on like groceries. Or open the back door and we would only have a small area for stuff.  Now we have all sorts of room.  The Honda element had the option of folding the rear seats up (2) and putting them on each side of the rear side windows.  The Jeep is OK but not as neat as the Element.DSCN0701

I also got Carol a grab handle that she wanted  and installed it.DSCN0702

One more time I dusted down the Beast, The Jeep and the Razor since I didn’t do it yesterday.  It took about a half hour.  I tried doing the wheels but they have to be cleaned with a damp/dry micro cloth maybe tomorrow.  Later it looked like it was going to pour down again but it didn’t.DSCN0703

The kitty was on a mission…..DSCN0705 DSCN0706

Here’s Allen fixing/cleaning his two Razor’s.DSCN0704

It’s a small world.  Bob Pinner’s brother owns the glass repair shop we are going to Thursday.  Bob & Molly are friends of ours and we didn’t even know he had a brother much less here in Cottonwood much less in glass replacement (Akiva Glass).  It really is a small world.  Bob & Molly are going to Alaska with us all in 2014.

See ya…..