Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nice ATV Trail – No Jeeps, Too Small

Today’s ATV trip was about 3 hours and they’re were 6 ATV’s.  The trail was about a 4 (scale 1-10 best) for difficulty and a 6 or 7 for fun.  It had sharp turns, it was very narrow in a lot of spots (no jeeps here) and a couple of steep hills – it was fun.  Round them up…DSCN0673

Which way do we goDSCN0674

See my antennae.  It later got broken while it was stored away.  It got pretty tight.  Carol is still collecting rocks.DSCN0675


Stickers for those that weren’t carefulDSCN0676

My wheel is bent in two places from rocks.DSCN0677

Allen developed a slow leak (in his tire not his body!).  Later we found out that he tore a hole in is sidewall.  He also had an over heat problem (Razor).  Later towards the end he encouraged us to go ahead without him.  Another Razor stayed with him.  He came in about 2 hours after us.DSCN0678

 DSCN0679 DSCN0680 DSCN0681

Several pooh experts said this was bear scat.DSCN0682

The other 08 Razor like ours.  That’s Allen’s wife with a friend.  Allen has a 2011 Razor.  His and hers Razors.DSCN0683 DSCN0684 DSCN0685

We got back and I decided to clean the Razor.  I used Pledge.  It works great. It turns the gray plastic black like new.  It does good on the paint too.  Scratches old and new are almost all gone.DSCN0686

Then I decided to wipe down the Beast and The Jeep again.DSCN0691

All three are clean and shiny again.  Yes, it friggin rained again.  It was a monsoon again for about an hour starting about 6 PM or so, just like the previous days.DSCN0689

Before that rain I moved & fixed my antennae that was snapped off from it’s previous set up.  I took an air line connection (male/female) and a little JB Weld and it works fine.  I can disconnect the antennae like a airline whenever I need to.DSCN0687

It was another good day.

See ya……