Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bad AC/Rain/Site

Today was move day.  We had 8 miles which is a record for us I think.  We moved to the Thousand Trails (TTN) Verde Valley.  One thing that is new that TTN is now charging anywhere from $3 to $5 for 50 AMP.  Some of the sites a 35 footer can’t get in.  Why they put 50 AMP in these small & tight sites beats me.  That tells me that management don’t know RV’s.  Well even though the temps are in the high 90’s plus we went for this 30 AMP FHU.DSCN0619 DSCN0620

Not to shabby!  We lucked into this site.  I had to go buy an additional 10 footer sewer connection for a total of 25 feet.  I had to pull forward to get the sat away from the trees thus a long stretch to the sewer. 

As I said before we got one bad AC and it leaves us with two.  That’s good news.  I called Dometic to make sure they were still in business and the AC was covered.  Yes it has a two year full warranty (parts/labor).  I also verified that a local mobile repair guy was an authorized dealer (no cost).  They said I would have to pay for any mobile charges.  Seems fair so far at this point.  I called the repair guy and he said to call him back when we go over to the other park and he would take a look at it.  He agreed that it sounded like a start up capacitor.  He said it would only take a few days to get the part after he verified what it was. OK…..

The repair guy stopped by and took my info and said it was a start up capacitor and even didn’t go on the roof.  We had the same problem on one of the other AC’s last year.

I dusted down the Beast and she was looking good.  You know what that means……clouds then…..DSCN0623


Fifth day in a row.  It rained for about in hour but the winds stayed around until dark.

Before all that a rabbit came by.  He dug a hole and flopped down and spread eagle in it to cool down.  It was funny.DSCN0622

We had a couple stop by earlier and invited us to go out with them ATVing tomorrow.  They each had a Razor.

See ya…………