Sunday, July 22, 2012


I read other blogs too.  These are blogs of people that Carol and I personally know.

Nick’s Blog.  I depend on knowing that everyday he will have a blog.  I like that. He writes about where he’s at, how he got there and what’s to eat.  That’s a full timer doing his (their) thing.  Nick, I would like just a few more pictures.

Greg’s Blog.  I click on this blog second. He almost always does a daily blog.  He has trouble sometimes due to his equipment, location or job. Sometimes all three at once.  I laugh quietly hoping it don’t happen to me.  When he is with Nick it’s interesting how they see the same thing but write about it in a different way.  He almost always has pictures it seems.  When he talks computers it above my pay grade but it don’t matter.

Then their are the Tilton’s Blog.  This is usually a daily blog I enjoy.  It seems like they are always visiting relatives as they travel.  It appears they like the Elks Lodge’s for camping also.  They usually have pictures of something.  Can you tell I’m a picture kind of guy. We met them years ago and we met them up in Alaska last year.

Then their are the Forbes.  They do a blog every few days to a week maybe which is nice.  They travel to places that we haven’t been sometimes, mainly on the East Coast.  They meet friends along the way that we sometimes know.  They went to Alaska with us last year.

Last but not least is Sharon & Don’s Blog.  They do a blog about every 1-2 weeks usually.  Her pictures are great.  Again, they meet people some times that we know which makes it interesting.  Sharon takes pictures of food like a lot of us do.  They too went to Alaska with us last year.

I read a lot of other blogs but not on a regular basis like I do the above blogs.  If you have a favorite that’s worth bragging about send it to me.  My email is and it’s on the right there somewhere.  Feel free of course to share our blog with anybody that might like it.

What’s neat is someone will come up to me in a park and say “Are you Dennis?”. I will say yes and that’s when they say, “I read your blog.”.  That just floors me every time.  They usually recognize the RV.  As you know there aren’t that many pictures of me out there.  Not planned, it just happens that way.  With The orange Jeep we kinda stick out now, especially in non 4X4 areas.

This blog is an escape.  I try not to make comments on non RV related subjects like U.S. or world news good and of course bad usually.  There’s enough of that going on without me.