Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Full Day In Moab

The Jeep towed very well yesterday. I thought it might wiggle being so small but it didn’t.  My installation of the temp magnetic lights worked fine except I couldn’t use my turn signals.  I installed the lights on the wrong side and didn’t have enough wire to change side with the lights.

Here’s our sight. The Kruty’s are next to us. Then the Dudley’s and Orr’s who are barely visible.DSC_0001

The view behind us.  The park is a little empty.  Could it be the temps being over a 100?DSC_0002

The gang went 4X4ing today except us.  We decided not to go on a 5+ hour trail ride.  I gathered all the parts to wire the Jeep via the regular way.  I even went out and got some diodes.

I cooked hamburgers when everybody returned.  Sounded like they had a scenic trail ride.

We sat outside in the shade of course and talked about this and that.  It was still hot but a slight breeze made it almost doable.