Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time To Start Packing Up

It’s the day before we hit the road.  Like most full timers we have to get ready to move.  Stuff like laundry, grocery shopping at our favorite store like Food Lion and the Ft Mead Base.  We don’t think we will have full hook up for about 2 weeks.  Doing the Gypsy Journal, then the repair shop for the windshield and then to Spartan for a chassis update, then to Howe, IN to a little campground we like, then to a Thousand Trails and full hook hopefully. That’s about 2 weeks.

Carol will go out with some long time friends for lunch.

The Beast was cleaned but it has rained several times this week so it has lost it’s luster.  But the wheels are shiny!

We will be moving a lot for the next 4 weeks or so.  We will end up in MS about the 3rd week.  Carol’s bro, Steven, will meet us down there for his vacation from Baltimore. Then we head for the Barn in Livingston and to arrive just before Halloween and the Escapees Boot Camp.

Carol went to Applebee’s with her long lost friends of several decades ago.  It was one of those three hour lunches.  She evidently had fun because when she returned she talked for another three hours.  We will have to have a cook out with her friends next time we come this way.

We then decided to make a run to base to pick up some last minute stuff – booze.  It’s now approaching 4 o’clock – what the hell.  We went for it.  Traffic was getting heavy even on the back roads.  We got there and got our “stuff” and then went for the food.  It was not crowded at the (I can’t spell commissary) grocery store on base.  The barber shop was crowded so that was a no.  Now it’s approaching 5 PM, time to leave.  Yep, right in the middle of traffic of course.  It wasn’t stop and go so I was OK with that – just heavy. We had left overs for dinner and watched some TV.  Carol got the inside of the Beast a little more ready.

Earlier I called GEICO and found out instead of $500 deductible I had $50 on the windshield.  then I called to reconfirm our installation in Elkhart.  They changed the date I had already confirmed with them.  Oh well, now instead of Monday it goes in on the following Friday the 7th.  We are OK with that – no major changes.

This weekend we will be “camping” with relatives in Front Royal, VA.  We had no problems with getting into a Coast to Coast park because it’s suppose to rain all weekend.  So be it.

See ya…..

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